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"I personally moved out of state, and would give anything to attend this group again. Especially now having my third child in 3 years. This group was the best mommy group I've been to in Philly and I've been to many between center city peds, Hall Mercer and Nest. This one was my favorite because it was purely for me. I always left feeling lighter, relieved, not alone, with a bit more peace. It was the only group that was truly a safe place to say it all: good, bad, ugly about marriage, motherhood, and personal struggles. The best part was everyone in the group was just as open an honest as I was. I miss this group dearly and can't say enough wonderful things about it."

-Mom of 3

"In the first few weeks after I had my daughter, things were going great. Family was in town, my husband was off work, and she was overall a great baby. However, after everyone left and my husband returned to his normal routine, I felt extremely isolated. Most of my friends were out of town or did not have kids so it talking to them about my day to day struggles wasn't something I was comfortable with. During a check-up at the pediatrician I grabbed a card for the New Mom's group that met weekly. I didn't have high expectations, but at least we could get out of the house for a few hours. During the first meeting, I really didn't think I was struggling that much, but when I started talking about my husband being back in his routine and getting back to his "old" life, I realized I needed this group more than I thought. Over the course of the next 8 weeks, I was able to talk through my issues with mom's going through the exact same things. I became a much happier mom and gained several new friendships because of it. We even knew all the best places to grab a beer with several babies in tow! Perri's group was a game changer and I could not recommend it enough!"

 - Center City Mom

"Perri's new parent group was a tremendous help to me in the first year of my daughter's birth. Hearing other women's stories and similar struggles during this incredible time of transition was immensely reassuring. I felt less alone. I felt safe sharing in the space Perri created for us. During a particularly difficult time, Perri was super supportive and caring. I have come a long way since then and am so grateful to Perri for continuing to educate and bring hope to women who are struggling with parenthood. I am still close with the other women from my group and now, our kids have play dates!"

- Anon.

"I highly recommend the Postpartum Group at Center City Peds. Whether you are experiencing mild negative feelings, Postpartum Depression (like I had), or are just in need of a little company during maternity leave, this is a perfect chance to meet other mothers in a safe and comfortable environment."

- C.

"After having my first baby, I felt so conflicted emotionally. I was so happy to have such a beautiful daughter, but I didn't feel a bond with her for a while and felt so guilty and sad because of it. I found Perri's group and she helped me realize that what I was feeling happens to a lot of other women, and it helped me feel not so alone. The group was so supportive of each other and there was never any judgement by anyone. I would truly recommend this group to any woman who feels she needs a little extra help and support postpartum. "