Wee One-on-One: Perri Shaw Borish

In which we ask one Philly supermom to share her favorite stuff

by Christy Dec 20, 2013

The mom: Perri Shaw Borish, a psychotherapist who is also mom to Elijah Shaw, who’s eight, and Sonia Jane, who’s five-and-a-half.

In Perri’s private practice, she works with adults, specializing in anxiety disorders as well as perinatal mood and anxiety disorders … including postpartum depression. (Read more about her practice here!) She grew up in Philly, and she’s a city girl through-and-though … as are her kids. (Sorry Elijah … he’s a city boy.) She and her husband are also expecting another little one sometime in the near future: They’re adopting!

Neighborhood of residence: Center City

Favorite local playground or park: Weccacoe in Queen Village

Kid’s haircut: Joey from Richard Nicholas

Special snack: Matzoh ball soup from Marathon Grill; blueberry quinoa muffin from Pure Fare

Outdoor activity: Hanging out in Rittenhouse Square Park, listening to all the wonderful musicians, and watching the hoola-hoopers and magicians.

Winter outing: Peanut Butter and Jams at World Café Live or Baby Loves Disco

Kids’ class: Koresh Dance Academy; karate at Martial Posture

Hidden gems and special finds: The Philadelphia School; Greene Towne Montessori; Coxe Park on Cherry Street between 21st and 22nd Streets; Pizzeria Beddia in Fishtown, Good Spoon Soup (which you can find at Farmer’s Market on Rittenhouse Square, Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.), the kids’ section of the Free Library on Rittenhouse Square; Andrey and Elena’s music class at the Ethical Society; Lombard Swim Club; and Taney Youth Baseball!

Bad weather go-to: If we’re not spending time with family or close friends you might find us at the batting cage on Girard Avenue – it’s called Everybody Hits — or at North Bowl!

Kid-friendly restaurant: Marathon Grill, Stella, Dmitri’s and Shifty’s (on Girard Avenue)

Items I cannot live without: Kombucha and a really warm winter coat!

Person and/or professional l I cannot live without: I cannot live without my husband, my amazing friends, my children’s grandparents, my great baby-sitter and a good acupuncturist (Jackie Doyle at Renaissance Center for Healing Arts).

Exercise classes (for mom): Bikram for connecting with yourself and your body; Body Cycle Studio spinning for a natural endorphin high and overall wellness (Russel and Shoshana’s classes are the best, and Barry’s is great for endurance); Pure Barre for core training and strength. (Editor’s note: Psst! See Wee’s own take on Pure Barre!)

Place for baby gifts: Etsy

City stroller/carrier transport of choice: City Mini stroller

Fun kid’s party spot: We’ve had a hard time finding one – in the last few years we’ve had the birthday parties in our home.

One thing you wish Philly had that it doesn’t: Warmer weather. And better toy- and clothing stores for kids

My favorite part of living in Philly with my wee one is: I feel really grateful to be able to raise my kids in the city – we love all of the museums, the various theaters, the personality of all the different neighborhood and the grittiness … but mostly because we love the people who are here.