Delco Times

Letter: Postpartum Depression is Real

Jun 20, 2010

To the Times:

We read with shock and sadness of the young mother who killed her 8-month-old son, and then attempted to kill herself. It was reported she had been suffering with depression. It's important to know that one in eight new mothers suffer from postpartum depression. The symptoms include sadness, anxiety, panic, difficulty bonding with the baby, problems eating or sleeping and feeling out of control, or that you're "going crazy."

For these women, it's not about the "baby blues." It's a real illness that needs real treatment and immediate attention. The problem is that new mothers often feel very alone and ashamed of their feelings. There are a lot of societal pressures and expectations about motherhood that can contribute to the shame and thus, the burden of silence some women who experience postpartum depression carry.

Postpartum Support International is a worldwide free, nonprofit support network for women and families suffering with PPD. Our website contains educational material, resources, and contact information, so no new mother has to suffer alone. In addition, you can contact any of our coordinators to help you find resources in your own community; such as counseling or support groups. Our website is


PA Co-Coordinator Postpartum Support International


PA Co-Coordinator Postpartum Support International